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                                                                     U O of S.    AGM   MINUTES   THURSDAY APRIL 28TH 2016




THE Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding held its annual general meeting at the Methodist Church Broad Street, Spalding (rehearsal venue) on Thursday April 28th 2016 at 7pm.


CHAIRMAN Bee welcomed everyone and apologies were received from Zeph, Rob, Doug, Jan Faulkner, Jan Orbell, David and Linda Walters, Sue Ward, Jess, Mary, Laura, Joan and Gerry.


THE minutes from the 2015 AGM had been e mailed previously to members by the secretary, and having had an opportunity to read over them, members deemed them to be an accurate report and there were no matters arising.


CHAIRMAN Bee delivered her report on the past year.

51 gigs had been played since the last AGM and the orchestra has 43 still to do until the end of 2016.

There are 53 gigs booked in for 2017. The popularity of the UOofS remains undiminished.

Bee went on to highlight several past gigs, making special mention of the concert in aid of the Boston Mayor's Charity, the joint concert with 'Voices Unplugged' (raising a splendid total of £540), the Ayscoughfee Gardens outdoor gig, Marion's 80th birthday garden celebration, the Boston Market Place afternoon, and another annual fund raiser for NSPCC at Bourne - all wonderful occasions.

The recording of our third CD was a great success in MARCH 2016 and everyone worked very hard towards this day. Looking to the future, the 'BIG GIG' at the Peterborough Salvation Army Citadel on September 17th is eagerly anticipated, as is the shared concert with Handful of Harmonies on November 12th of this year.

Many 'thank yous' followed to those members who have worked so hard towards the success of the past year.

Zeph, John and Jo Baguley and Colin were thanked and Doug was given special mention and thanked for his work as vice chairman. He will now retire from this post. Appreciation also went to Joan, Roger, Kevin, Carol, Ruth, Tony, Bobbie, Jan and Mike Faulkner, David Cheetham and Rob, who also steps down as Social Secretary. This post is not up for re election. Members will assist with social events as and when they arise.

Jo thanked Bee for her sterling work as Chairman for the  past year.

In her closing comments Bee referred members to the original aims of the orchestra as outlined in its Constitution, and quoted directly from paragraph 2- 'Objects' - 'The objects of the orchestra shall be : to promote the playing of the ukulele as an enjoyable, social activity for people of all ages and abilities; to introduce the playing of the ukulele in to local schools (current course April - July 2016  is at Ayscoughfee school led by John and Jo); to perform, voluntarily, for local gatherings, clubs, schools, outdoor events and charities; to further such charitable purpose or purposes as the trustees, in their absolute discretion, shall think fit but in particular through the making of grants and donations.'

Bee said - 'The orchestra continues to develop and grow and we should not lose sight of the enjoyment and fun it generates to its members and its audiences.'


TREASURER Colin delivered his financial report for the past year and all members had access to the accounts sheet. A balance on April 22nd 2016 stood at £3,419.87. The four nominated charities for the past year have yet to be given their donations. Payment also will be required for the third CD release of 300 copies for sale. In view of this it was decided to delay for a month the donations, until the balance for CD orders was settled. Some 130 pre orders have already been made, which was encouraging. The treasurer will keep members fully informed of the progress of CD sales and the apportioning of donations to the four charities.


ELECTION of officers and posts of responsibility followed.

All were single nominations received by the secretary and thus did not warrant a voting process.

Posts for the coming year were as follows - Chairman, Bee; Vice Chairman , David Cheetham; Musical Director, Zeph; Treasurer, Colin, Booking secretary, Jo; MC and press officer, John B; Web manager, Mike F; Facebook, Jan F; Refreshments team, Carol, Ruth, Glenys, Renata, Trisha; Concert wear, Bobbie, Dee and Sue P; Music librarian, Joan; PA, Roger and Kevin; Charities co-ordinator, Chris; Uke maintenance and Health and Safety representative, Sue P.


MATTERS for discussion.

*The four nominated charities are - Dementia Café at Tonic Health, Westlode Street, Spalding, suggested by Kim; Spalding Hospice Foundation supporting the Tulip Suite at the Johnson Hospital, suggested by Marion and David; Hearing Dogs for the Deaf (Spalding and Boston area) suggested by Joan and Gerry; Willow Tree Fen The Delph, Pode Hole, Spalding. Lincs Wildlife Trust nature reserve, suggested by Chris. Donations to be made as soon as possible.

*Subscriptions will remain at £2 adults £1 juniors following a discussion as to whether they should be reduced. A vote was taken and members decided by a considerable majority that the weekly subs were' good value for money' and should remain at the present rate to help pay for room hire, printing costs etc.

* It was also suggested by several  members that  subscription funds should be for maintaining the orchestra i.e. hire of room/ printing costs/ maintenance of PA etc.

Weekly subscriptions should remain separate from the charity donations. This matter to be addressed during the coming year.

*Uniform change to a more formal style was suggested and the wearing of hats and other embellishments was discussed. A vote was taken as to whether the orchestra should opt for a change. A majority vote decided against this. Indeed members stated that the variety of styles  added to the 'fun' of the orchestra. One new member pointed out that it was this very diversity that had attracted her to joining the UOofS initially.

*It was brought to the attention of the treasurer that some local groups in the area had received grants and sponsorship. This was noted and a sub committee meeting will be held during the coming year to further discuss this and monitor finances.

* The secretary requested that all members update their personal details should changes occur.

*The third CD order of 300 copies from Mix Pixie was due at the start of May 2016. 130  orders were already in place. CD sales would be overseen by John Baguley. The third CD would be on sale to the public at all future gigs.

* Treasurer Colin briefly outlined a new Xmas Card sending scheme for members and will remind everyone of this nearer to Christmas should they wish to use this arrangement rather than sending individual cards.

* It was noted that some of the PA kit may need updating in future and , as in the past, PAT testing will be carried out on all equipment.

* There were no matters in AOB.

* The date for next year's AGM was set for THURSDAY APRIL 20TH 2017.

* Chairman Bee closed the  meeting and the buffet was served...followed by music making. Emoji

2016 - AGM