Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding

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And this is who we are...


The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding came into being in September 2008. Initially the group consisted of 18 absolute beginners, who owned 11 ukuleles between them, none of which had been tuned, let alone played! The group has evolved and improved continuously over the last 8 years, and currently has 70 members aged between 10 and 83, most of whom now have at least 2 ukuleles each.


We play for a wide range of audiences in an equally wide range of venues, performing a repertoire of over 200 songs. The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding plays for its own, and the audience’s enjoyment; we also manage to raise at least £2,000 each year for local charities, all of which comes from audience donations. We do not charge a fee to perform.


George Harrison once said that ‘You cannot hear a ukulele without wanting to smile’.

We hope that you agree with him… We do!

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