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Press release. 08/02/2015




For The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding, 2015 has certainly started on a high note; in fact, several high notes, and it is all down to the lovely people of Spalding and the surrounding area. During the first few weeks of this year the orchestra has been busy re-donating money which we received from our generous audiences at our performances in 2014. After refusing to accept donations from small clubs and societies who were trying to raise money at our concerts for their own worthy projects, a total of at least £1,000, we still had donations in our bank account of a further £2,000. This money, after votes from orchestra members, has been shared among four local charities and worthy causes, to the tune of £500 each. This year's donations have now been presented to:


1. The St. Barnabas Hospice (Spalding)

2. Boston Woods Conservation Trust (Boston)

3. Anna's Hope (Brain Tumour Charity)

4. The Garth School (Spalding).


Thank you to everyone who has supported us so generously during 2014, and we hope this will continue this year. If January is anything to go by, our total target of £4,000 for 2015 is certainly attainable! In January, we have performed for North Bretton Friendship Club (Peterborough), Eye Lunchtime Social Club (Eye) and Pinchbeck Baptist Church (Pinchbeck). The Pinchbeck evening was in aid of a renovation project at the church, and raised £500 towards their £10,000 target. February promises to be even busier, with bookings for two Women's Institute groups, a nursing home, a lunch club and a charity fundraising evening organised by the Mayor of Boston. The remainder of the year sees our diary fully booked, with another 52 gigs confirmed, including a free concert in the summer at Ayscoughfee Gardens. Full details of all the public concerts the UOofS will be performing this year are available on the web site at www.ukuleleorchestraofspalding.co.uk. See the events page.

Press release. 30/04/2015




The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding held their A.G.M. on Thursday, 30th April. Members were congratulated on their splendid efforts over the past 12 months to bring lots of ukulele inspired fun and entertainment to a wide variety of audiences in the local area. As has been mentioned previously, the Orchestra performs several times each month, with proceeds from donations (we do not charge a set fee to perform) being spread to local

good causes. There was a unanimous vote at the A.G.M. in favour of making a donation to the disaster fund for the Nepalese earthquake victims, but this will not affect the amount of local donations we intend to make at the year's end. Since the 2014 A.G.M. the Orchestra have performed 52 concerts; a further 38 concerts are booked in for the remainder of 2015, which means we are unable to fit in any more bookings this year. Next year

is also looking extremely busy, as we have 50 gigs booked in for 2016. Thanks to everyone who has supported us!  Membership is currently full, with 55 members; we also have several names on a waiting list. There were 5 gigs performed in April, at the Thomas Walker Medical Centre (Asthma sufferers); Holbeach Methodist Church social evening; Glinton Friendship Club; St. Norbert's Church, Spalding; and Gosberton Parish Church Flower Festival. Sadly, a further performance at St. John's Care Home, Spalding, had to be cancelled due to illness amongst the residents. In May performances are planned for the following: Eye Social Club; residents at Southfield House, Woolram Wygate; the veterans of the Royal Lincs and Anglian Regimental Association; and the Spalding Blind Club at Pinchbeck village hall.


John Baguley,

Press Officer, Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding

Press release. 04/06/2015




After a performance during May, I was asked by an audience member what it was like to play in a group such as ours. My answer was given in 5 words.

"A pleasure and a privilege." That sums up the feelings of the group after another busy month when we have spent time in the company of so many wonderful people in the local community. May began at The Spinney Sheltered housing complex in Eye, for their Social Club meeting. One lady,

a very sprightly 94 year-old, taught us some new (naughty!) verses for "You are my sunshine", which she had learned during the war!

Next was the residents of Southfield House, Woolram Wygate. We had great fun with one lady who claimed, with a twinkle in her eye and tongue firmly in cheek, that she had been out with George Clooney, Tom Jones, all of The Beatles and two members of our group! The veterans of The Royal Lincs and Anglian Regimental Association were next in line at The Lighthouse Church, and they were splendid company....not to mention the great buffet!

The final gig of the month was an afternoon session with The Spalding Blind Club, at Pinchbeck village hall. The people were wonderful, but they were surpassed by the even more fantastic guide dogs, all four of them, who certainly behaved better than some of the ukulele players!


And so to June.......

This month is even busier, beginning with an Alzheimer's Support club in Crowland. This is followed by the Johnson Hospital League of Friends Fete in Spalding. Next on the itinerary is the Holbeach Dementia Support Group. The fourth concert of the month will be at the launch of the Wyberton Arts and Crafts Festival. Then, it is a return to Holbeach, this time for a Singalong Session at Holbeach Hospital. An exhausting month comes to a close

on Sunday, 28th June with an open-air concert in Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding,  2.00p.m. start. This last concert is open to all members of the public, for free, but you might like to bring something comfortable to sit on....as well as a pocket of loose change for the charity collection!


John Baguley,

Press Officer, Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding

Press Release. 11/06/2015 The Spalding Guardian





On Saturday June 6, I attended my first civic duty as vice chairman of South Holland District Council at the Johnson Community Hospital, Pinchbeck Road, Spalding. I would like to thank the Johnson League of Friends for the kindness shown to myself and my wife Christine during our visit.

The event was very well attended and everyone seem to be enjoying themselves. I have to give a special commendation to the organisers and stallholders who made this event the success it was and I hope they made lots of money for their charity.

Last , but my no means least, a mention for the music supplied by the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding, which put a smile on everyone's face.

Press Release. 14/06/2015 The Spalding Guardian ---->  Friends joy as new record set


September was a busy month for the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding, commencing with a social evening and river cruise on The Boston Belle. This was followed by a visit to a new venue for us at the Benington Trust Heritage Weekend fundraiser. We were on more familiar ground for our third gig of the month which was held at the Spalding United Reform Church. The church has splendid acoustics, which was the main reason

we used it as a sound studio when we recorded our second CD. The church also provides very enthusiastic audiences for our live performances, as was proved by this month's gig. Our final September gig was for the lovely, lively residents of Swallows Court on Pinchbeck Road, Spalding.

October is going to be even busier. On Friday, 2nd October we were delighted to entertain a sell-out crowd at the Bourne Abbey hall, where we sang and played all evening, interrupted only by a delicious buffet. The concert was a fund-raiser for the Bourne branch of the NSPCC, and by the evening's end a total of £930 had been collected. A great effort for a great cause! Then, in rapid succession, the Orchestra will play for the Paston and Gunthorpe Community Centre anniversary celebration in Peterborough (Oct.7th); the Gosberton Women's Institute (Oct. 13th); the Cowbit Friendship Group (Oct. 21st); a restoration fund concert for Pinchbeck Parish Church (Oct.24th); and the Deeping Friendship Club, Market Deeping (Oct.29th). Just to keep us busy, we shall be having our usual weekly rehearsal every Thursday, and, on October 10th, an all-day ukulele workshop (with a few guest members from Oakham and Peterborough ukulele groups), led by Ken Middleton.


From: John Baguley,

Press Officer, Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding


Boston Belle as seen from 200 feet


After a brief break, following the 8 pre-Christmas concerts we performed in December, the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding have begun their programme for 2016. January saw us playing for the North Bretton Friendship Club in Peterborough, and then, also in Peterborough, for the Orton Brimbles Friendship Club. As with all our concerts, we do not charge a performance fee, but we do accept donations. All donations are later distributed amongst local charities and good causes. February has already seen us play at the Steve Woolley Court Day Care Centre, and Park House Nursing Home (both in Peterborough), and at a fundraiser for the Butterfield Day Care Centre in Bourne. Before February's end we shall have also entertained the Saracen's Head Ladies Club (Feb 24th) and, on Feb.27th, given an evening concert at the Broad Street Methodist Church in Spalding. We continue to receive great support from the local public, and would hope this continues throughout 2016, by the end of which we should have performed to over 60 different groups/societies/passers-by etc., raised at least another £3000 for local charities, and recorded our third CD. More information is available on our web site.


June has been another successful month for the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding, and a particularly happy one for Zeph Churchill, the orchestra's musical director. Zeph was a deserving recipient of a Community Award after her nomination in the local Pride of South Holland Awards scheme. The work she puts into the orchestra has paid off in terms of improvement in standards and continuing popularity locally. Excellent local support and interest has meant generous donations at concerts, which in turn are then divided among local charities and good causes.

Also in June, the national press announced that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a huge fan of George Formby, the ukulele icon of the mid-20th century and a personal favourite of King George V and Queen Mary. Zeph felt that the least we could do, as the Queen was about to celebrate her 90th birthday, was to send a copy of our latest CD, "A Uke A Day Keeps The Doctor Away", to Buckingham Palace, as one of the songs we had on the recording was the Formby classic, "My little stick of Blackpool rock". Zeph has now received a beautifully worded letter of appreciation (including a photograph of Her Majesty), from the palace! We have not yet spotted Her Majesty at any of our concerts, but keep your eyes peeled at upcoming gigs in Ayscoughfee Gardens - you never know your luck! In recent weeks the orchestra has performed for the Stanground Chat Club, Peterborough; the Friendship Club in Eye; the Arts and Crafts Festival at St. Leodegar's Church, Wyberton; a restoration fundraiser for Holbeach St John's church; a Strawberry Tea for residents of Georgian Court, Spalding; and, a Garden Fete at Riseholme Farm, Gosberton Risegate. As a result of the support of local audiences, we have just donated £400 to the local branch of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Each of the following - The Dementia Café, Spalding; the Tulip Suite, Johnson Hospital, Spalding; and Willow Tree Fen wildlife reserve (part of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust) will also receive £400 in the immediate future to support the splendid work they do for local people and the local environment.

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts, and help to make playing and singing so enjoyable for us. If you would like to see us, (for free!), please keep your fingers crossed for good weather on Sunday, 24th July, 2.00 - 4.00p.m.,when we shall be appearing at Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding.


THE Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding has begun their 2017 programme of gigs in great fashion. January has seen four performances very successfully undertaken, with appreciative and generous audiences. The Orchestra does not charge any fee or take any expenses, but does accept donations; these are then distributed to local charities and good causes throughout the year. In 2016, over £3000 was raised which has been re-donated to many such groups in this area.

The January programme has seen the Orchestra perform at the Sweetbriar Centre, Werrington; Anchor Court, Paston; Florence House, Peterborough; and for the volunteer helpers at the Salvation Army Hall, Peterborough.

The remainder of this year will be taken up by weekly rehearsals and a further sixty-six performances for a variety of groups within a 25-mile radius of Spalding. In February the orchestra will perform for Perkins Retirement Club, Peterborough; Donington Women's Institute; a memorial fundraiser at Graves Park, Kirton; a Valentine lunch at the Pyramid centre in Bretton; Park House Nursing Home, Peterborough; and the final gig of the month will be for the "Here 4 U" Dementia Support Club in Holbeach.

A date for your diaries..........The Ukulele Orchestra would like to remind you that they will be performing a free open air concert at Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding on Sunday, May 28th, starting at 2.00p.m. In past years this has always proved a very popular afternoon.


The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding's busy 2017 continues apace. February has been extremely rewarding, with six very well-received performances for a variety of audiences. In Peterborough we have played for the Perkins Retirement Club, the Bretton Lunch Club and the residents of Park House Nursing Home. In Holbeach, the audience was made up of members of the Here4U Dementia Support Club, and in Donington by members of the local Women's Institute.

Finally, we visited Graves Park, Kirton, to play all evening at a fabulous fundraising event in support of the Lincs Road Safety Memorial Appeal. This last event raised over £1000 for their appeal, which the Orchestra added to by returning the £150 performance fee which was proffered by the organisers. The orchestra does not charge to perform, but does accept donations; these are then banked before being

re-donated to local charities and good causes, as voted for by orchestra members.

March promises to keep  the orchestra just as busy as the first two months of the year, and by the end of the month  we should have performed 17 concerts in 2017. The total for the year will hopefully reach 70, as we are fully booked until Christmas. The March itinerary consists of appearances in Bourne, in aid of the Butterfield Centre; a return visit to Paston and Gunthorpe Lunch Club, Peterborough; a singalong with the residents of Beech Lodge home, Holbeach St. John; an afternoon concert at Kirton Methodist Church; the final performance of the month will be a joint concert with local singers Voices Unplugged at Broad Street Methodist Church, Spalding.

Once again, the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding members would like to express their extreme gratitude to all the groups for whom we have performed for the generous (in every way) support which they have given us. Thank you! 

Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding April 2017 press release from John Baguley


Spring has sprung, and the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding has continued their efforts to put a smile on the faces of their audiences, and a spring in their step.  March began with the orchestra performing a fundraising concert in Bourne Abbey church hall in aid of the Butterfield Centre. This was followed by our annual visit to the Paston and Gunthorpe Lunch Club in Peterborough and a Sunday afternoon gig at the Beech Lodge Nursing Home, Holbeach. Next came a tea party afternoon at Kirton Methodist Church, which raised over £500 towards their refurbishment fund. The month concluded with a joint concert with the singers of Voices Unplugged at the Broad Street Methodist Church in Spalding.


April started with three performances in five days, all of which have been great fun.....and quite exhausting! Saturday (April 1st) found the orchestra playing at the Holbeach Methodist Church Anniversary Evening, and was followed the next day by a Sunday afternoon charity "Birthday Bash" for one of the orchestra members and her mother (who happen to share the same birthday). Their donations, like all donations we receive, will be distributed shortly to local charities/good causes. Three days later the residents of Westfield Nursing Home, Boston made sure the orchestra could not rest on any laurels as their enthusiasm and kindness ensured we gave, as we always try to do, our absolute best! Our thanks and appreciation go to the residents there, and to each and every audience for whom we have performed in 2017.


Dates for the remainder of this month will see the orchestra perform at the Sutton Bridge Constitutional Club, Gosberton Flower Festival, and Moulton Chapel Tulip Time. April 20th is the date of the orchestra's A.G.M., when the members will decide to whom our charity donations will be distributed.


We are due also, to perform on Friday May 12th at St Norbert's Catholic Church, at 7.30 p.m., and tickets are available now from the church.


Thanks again for the kindness and encouragement that we continue to receive from the good people of the area. Much appreciated.  

The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding

Since being formed in 2008, the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding has endeavoured to perform to as many groups, societies, clubs and members of the general public as we can, with two simple aims in mind. Firstly, by playing and singing as well as we can, we wish to encourage our audiences to join in with the singing and do so with a smile on their faces; with 60 to 70 gigs a year, this is frequently exhausting, but always very satisfying! We do not charge a set fee to perform. Secondly, we accept donations for our performances which are at the discretion of whoever has booked us.  Frequently, these donations are immediately returned to the group for whom we have performed, if, for example, our gig was to help raise funds for building reparations.  All other donations are distributed to local worthy causes, proposed by members of the orchestra. We are delighted to report that we have just donated a total of £2,500 shared amongst a variety of worthy recipients within our catchment area. Those who have received donations are Spalding Parkinsons Support Group; Holbeach Hospital (new wing appeal); Bourne Arts and Community Trust; Spalding Gymnastics Academy; Caddington Hedgehog Care and Treatment Centre; Age U.K. (Spalding District); and the Leicester Hospitals Charity in recognition of care given to local patients transferred there for treatment, including one of our members; and the Spalding Pennygate Foundation. These organisations all contribute to our community by giving support, care, encouragement, friendship and hope to people of all ages; each, in their own way, does a fantastic job to make this community a better, nicer place in which to live. The Ukulele Orchestra wishes to thank everyone who has been to see us perform for their support, generosity and kindness throughout this and previous years, and looks forward to meeting many of you again in the coming months.

John Baguley,

Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding